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 Dawn of the X-Men

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PostSubject: Dawn of the X-Men   Mon May 04, 2009 6:17 am

So Tira told me to make the topic and shit so here I am. Making it. And uh yeah.

The year is 2087.

In this day and age, the race of mutants is more widely known then ever before. It's become a part of everything, even schools! But it's not how popular they are that matters, it's the way the humans feel towards them...
Roughly 80 years ago, there were people who tried to help the mutants, who stood up for them. But now, no one dares even think of anything of the sort.
Now the mutants exist in a school far under the ground, under the disguise of a nuclear power plant.
Humans are constantly trying to find them, so they can wipe out the mutant race forever.
The mutants are ordered to capture/kill any humans seen.
It's fire fighting fire, now a way of life.

The Mutants
Their underground base is like a small city. There are roughly 1000 mutants living there, living their way of life.
They all exist peacefully together, and are more advanced then the humans.

The Humans
A Mutant Stung gun on any human is now as common as a can of mace on women. The government is now using most of the main forces to locate and destroy the mutants.

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of the X-Men   Thu May 28, 2009 8:17 am

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Dawn of the X-Men
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