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 Pokemon Black 2

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Chris Brown
Chris Brown

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Charrie Displayz
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PostSubject: Pokemon Black 2   Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:58 am

So reluctantly at first I thought "Wow I'm going to play the same fucking game with the same fucking gay as map, whatever let's try it out."

As my adventure starts I say no to a lot of people but they just aren't having that shit. Whatever man I'll take the fucking pokemon I don't know why you're so happy mom dad is dead and you're kicking me out what the fuck..

So I travel down the only road in the entire world, there are cars and shit too but for some reason there are only dirt roads. k
i go to the first town and some red headed dude jumps from a cliff and tells me to go to his house

now i might be an only child but my mom told me not to talk to strangers

so i try to sneak past this child rapist but for some reason he always sees me. and i go home to tell my mom but she doesnt care. fuck you mom

so i keep going and since theres only one fucking road the dude asks me to go get my friend so we both can get raped. weirdo.

So i go find my friend, he's on some fucking farm and the owners say some lie about a dog when i know theyre plotting to eat us. so this fucking idiot goes deeper into the wood where we meet some weird dude in a costume fucking the dog. weird

so we eventualy escape and go to the red headed dudes house where he is obviously scared of my riolu and hops off my dick, but not without making me fight his two sex slaves


well then i eventually get over that episode and theres this faggot ass gym leader that doesnt know what the fuck hes doing so i wipe his ass and then proceeed my adventure

and then my game froze and i didnt save so i said fuck it and never played again

well i did save but it still pissed me off

best stick to the original
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Charrie Displayz
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Black 2   Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:26 am

well done rockcock64
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Pokemon Black 2
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