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PostSubject: Splatterhouse   Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:28 am

for: 360, ps3

so this is just a personal review, i guess.
there was more story to it than the originals, & i think they did a good job recreating it. it came out as a gory beat-'em-up, & it stayed that way (with more of a humourous touch). In some parts there a proper feeling of horror, but these are few. there were also techniques that you used in one part of the game, then pretty much forgot about, which i thought was rather unbalanced.
it wasn't visually stunning, but it got the atmosphere across, which was fine. it didn't revolve around surro8undings until the last bit, really, & what was there was adequate.
the sidescrolling parts are really fun. rick's jumping is limited (which is realistic) & some people have complained about this, but i haven't had a problem. other than that apparent problem, the controls don't leave anything to be desired.
what i really didn't like was the final boss battle. you didn't actually fight the boss as a whole, you just had to protect jenny from monsters (which blew. a lot.). and after that, it was just a quick timed event. i don't find a lot of the boss battles particularly memorable, except for the ones that were taken from the old games. but the final one, which should've been the best, was the worst. it was work without fun, something you could bust your ass doing but not feel any real satisfaction.
the final cutscene left room for a sequel, but i'm not sure they'll bother making one.
the game is considered a renter by many, & maybe i just enjoy it a lot more because of the nostalgia factor for me. regardless, it's a fun game. it's darkly humorous & deserves the M it got. also terror mask is best.

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