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PostSubject: VIX'S OCS, HELLDWELLERS EDITION   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:37 am

why do i say "edition"
i don't think it means what i think it means

Reaper Nacht

Pronunciation: REE-per NAH-kt
Nickname: bunny.
Age: 29. forever.
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 18th
Species: HellDweller
Sexuality: straight
Voice/Speech: thick german accent.
Nationality: German
Language[s] Spoken: German, English (not very well)
Current Occupation: whatever the dead do.
Origin: syke, lower saxony, germany
Current Residence: HELL
Smoker/Drinker/Drug User: drinks.
Catchphrase/Quote[?]: frustrated cursing?

Height: 6'3"
Weight: uh. 180?
Hair Color: black.
Eye Color: yellow
Preferred Clothing Style[?]: jeans and a shirt, nothing special.
Special Features[?]: has quite a few scars and open wounds. also his pupils are triangles.

Personality: usually miserable, brightens up around lady, felix and tsu but is overprotective of them. also kind of skittish, tends to avoid being talked to by anyone he doesn't trust.
Likes: his family, good literature, little kids (inb4pedojoke), s'mores
Dislikes: people in general, being dead, romantic comedy movies, strawberries
Fears: the death of his family.
Talents/Skills: uhhhh.
Hobbies: killing people.

Social Life/Relationships
Parents: doesn't talk to them.
Siblings: Eden, Hound (half related to both)
Children: Lady, Felix
Other Relative: idk.
Partner/Best Friend: jack.
Other Important Friends: uhhhhh
Enemies: strawberries
Pets: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: married
Husband/Wife: Tsubame

History: later
Short Description/Biography: also later


Pronunciation: EE-den
Nickname: snake bitch, eeds
Age: 32 for all eternity and then some
Gender: female
Birthday: January 25th
Species: HellDweller
Sexuality: Straight
Voice/Speech: Her s's are exaggerated.
Nationality: Australian
Language[s] Spoken: english
Current Occupation: none
Origin: ... somewhere in northern australia. i need to work on the specifics.
Current Residence: hell
Smoker/Drinker/Drug User: drinks sometimes
Catchphrase/Quote[?]: none?

Height: 5'9" (in human disguise thing. snake body does not count here)
Weight: 148
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: white. just all white.
Preferred Clothing Style[?]: SKIMPY STUFF.
Special Features[?]: ... none.

Personality: mostly nice, but absolutely viscous if she does not like you even a little bit.
Likes: warmth, dryness, heights, being respected
Dislikes: shedding, being touched by dirty hands, old people
Fears: none.
Talents/Skills: quite good at climbing.
Hobbies: lying around and basking? does that count?

Social Life/Relationships
Parents: does not talk to them.
Siblings: Reaper, Hound
Children: none
Other Relative: none
Partner/Best Friend: Myrrh. possibly has a crush on him oooer
Other Important Friends: Ache, Jason (REPTILIAN BONDING)
Enemies: ... DIRTINESS
Pets: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no
Husband/Wife: nope.avi

History: later
Short Description/Biography: also later

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