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 HG/SS - Finding Shiny Leaves

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PostSubject: HG/SS - Finding Shiny Leaves   Sun May 02, 2010 12:28 am

Shiny Leaves are rare to find.
But I found out how to quickly get them, thanks to some resourses.

Keep talking to your Pokemon while you're in the grass in the routes listed.
If it finds one, it will start out with a jump, an exclamation point, dance around, jump twice, and make a musical note.

When you find one, go to Lyra/Ethan and they'll tell you about the leaves.
You have to find five leaves to get the Leaf Crown for your Pokemon.
Once you have all five, talk to Lyra/Ethan again and they'll turn it into a Leaf Crown for your Pokemon.
You'll also get a star for your Trainer ID (only applies once).

Find your Pokemon's natures and routes to find the leaves here.

Spontaneous natured
Natures: Hasty, Mild, Quirky, Rash

First leaf: Route 44
Second leaf: Route 39
Third leaf: Route 26
Fourth leaf: Route 18
Fifth leaf: Route 11

Carefree natured
Natures: Calm, Gentle, Lax, Relaxed

First leaf: Route 32
Second leaf: Route 35 or Route 48
Third leaf: Route 2 or Route 28
Fourth leaf: Route 4
Fifth leaf: Route 6

Energenic natured
Natures: Impish, Jolly, Naive, Naughty, Sassy

First leaf: Route 31
Second leaf: Route 34 or Route 47 (Flying-types cannot find one on this route)
Third leaf: Route 1
Fourth leaf: Route 3 or Route 18
Fifth leaf: Route 5 or Route 12

Careful natured
Natures: Careful, Docile, Modest, Quiet, Serious

First leaf: Route 33 (Water-, Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-types cannot find one on this route)
Second leaf: Route 36
Third leaf: Route 45
Fourth leaf: Route 7
Fifth leaf: Route 8, Route 13, or Route 14

Brave natured
Natures: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Hardy

First leaf: Route 42
Second leaf: Route 37
Third leaf: Route 22 or Route 46
Fourth leaf: Route 15
Fifth leaf: Route 9 or Route 24

Lonely natured
Natures: Bashful, Lonely, Timid

First leaf: Route 43
Second leaf: Route 38
Third leaf: Route 27
Fourth leaf: Route 16
Fifth leaf: Route 10 or Route 25

You cannot find a leaf in the same route of where you found it.
Chances of finding a leaf grow shorter the more times you find one with your Pokemon, so continue to talk-spam with it.

Good luck!~

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PostSubject: Re: HG/SS - Finding Shiny Leaves   Sat May 08, 2010 12:08 pm

i will use this forever
thank you
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HG/SS - Finding Shiny Leaves
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