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 Beast's Charcters

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PostSubject: Beast's Charcters   Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:33 am

Well... sorta characters. =X

Soon to be completed when there is enough time.

Name: Miffy
Age: 26 years
Gender: ♂ (male)
Creature: Shiny Absol
Description: Miffy's past is very shady. Have way too much pride. Seeks destruction and evil doings for a reason, currently unknown by all by himself.

Name: DarkGem.Exe (original name: Piano.Exe)
Age: 34 years
Gender: (female) forgot how to make female symbol...
Creature: Net Navi(gator)
Description: DarkGem originally named Piano.Exe, but she decided that it was a too soft name for her and changed it. (er... I don't think there is any pun intended in that)She related to Forte.Exe so she could be consider Forte's "sister". She uses dark moves to heal, so it wouldn't heal anyone that's not completely evil. Meant to heal Forte specifically but generally she can heal anyone like an absol or darkrai. Forte's sometimes tag-along sidekick. She seeks Forte out when ever she feels something important is going to happen and may involve Forte directly or indirectly. Her biggest mission is to try to heal the scar on/in Forte after the incident in the past... =/ gah. Play the games. Read the manga. >.< Easier way to find out Forte's past... -thinks- Forte was an uber strong independent navi. He could work on his own with out a net op (an operator). He can learn other navi's ability. Absorb data. (to heal) One day they thought he was too strong for the net because the net was starting to fall apart. So they used Forte as a scapegoat and blame him for being too advance for the net.(yeah I know I just sorta repeated what I said so get over it) So they got navis to gang up on him and injured him badly in attempt to delete hijm. He escape and from there on hated humans. There. Happy? >.> -stares- it's like late... I shall be sleeping.
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Beast's Charcters
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